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Wellness Solutions To Be Your Healthliest & Best Version of You!

Pure Intentions offers a variety of wellness solutions to help empower you to optimize your health and live your best life.  


Michelle Cordani, Pure Intentions founder, is a Board Certified Integrative Nutritionist and Applied Functional Medicine Certified.  She believes the mind, body & soul connection is extremely important as research demonstrates the mind, body, and spirit is critical in health and healing.  True health means that you are healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Michelle's approach is based on bio-individuality, meaning one size does not fit all, as well as focuses on treating the root cause of health issues and addresses the body's entire system. 

Pure Intentions now offers Peach athleisure transitional clothing for all body types and sizes (XXS to XXL) to help you thrive personally and professionally.  Peach believes clothes have the power to transform someone’s outlook and approach to life, and as a company inspires and supports female entrepreneurs & build a community of empowered women.  

Listen to Bevin, Peach Executive, share Peach's  company values and how they empower women.  

Stylish clothes + powerful mission = brand with a soul!


As a Peach Executive Director and personal stylist, Michelle is passionate about helping empower women and elevate their everyday with comfy, transitional clothing for gym, work & play.  

“Michelle is extraordinary  She is a great friend, a remarkable person, a yoga master and integrative medicine expert."  Angel M. Johnson, MD FOCAG

“I hosted a Peach party with Michelle as my Peach consultant. She was so easy to work with. Her passion for the Peach clothing line is infectious." Christine, a Happy Peach Client

Happy 2020!

How are you going to be your healthiest and best

version of you?

Change Your Mindset

Every Day Intentions

Michelle recently shared how our thinking (mindset) plays into wellness and simple daily ideas to promote well being.

Detox Your Body To Improve Your Health and Aid Weight Loss

15 Day Metabolic Cleanse Program

It’s impossible to keep harmful toxins out of your body.  These chemicals continue to exist inside your body, which can cause fatigue, headaches, and more.  Revitalize your body's natural detoxification capabilities.

New Year, New Gear!

Press the reset & crush 2020 in studio-chic style!

Browse Peach Early Spring Fitness Collection 

to help you reach your gym or studio goals.

Get Moving

Try a Body Matrix Flow ™ Yoga class.

Learn more about the holistic benefits