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10 Class Pack


Yoga classes livestreamed until futher notice

Body Matrix Flow ™ Yoga is a unique and innovative Vinyasa flow-based yoga class.

Through a fusion of fitness principles, this class incorporates, stretching, mindful intention while linking movement to breath, Michelle's unique approach breaks down poses to help gain a solid understanding of the pose and include accommodations for individual needs and levels. She uses her classes to promote overall wellness of mind, body and soul.  

* Ideal for beginner or intermediate levels including those needing modifications.   

Gaiam: The Benefits of Yoga

Body Matrix Yoga Holistic Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation to ease stress, anxiety and calms the mind chatter (monkey mind)

  • Yogic breath calms the nervous system, stimulates the digestive system and circulation & oxygenate cells/tissues

  • Cultivates focus and being present (mindfulness)

  • Increases balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, posture and endurance

  • Detoxs the body and strengthens immunity as lymphatic system is stimulated and toxics are swept away

  • Infuses positive energy, encourages change, and boosts confidence through self-discovery, self-love, and inner strength/empowerment



Class Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday @ 10 a.m.

Saturday @ 8 a.m. 


Class Fees:

1x Drop-in = $15 per class; 10 Class Pack = $140

Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions

Email: mypureintentions@gmail.com 

Phone: 508.941.9555 

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