As a Board Certified Integrative Nutritionist with Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ (AFMC) certification, Michelle Cordani looks at health from a big picture, root case perspective. She aims at optimizing one's own system rather than focusing on any surface symptom or health imbalance.  Michelle is passionate about coaching and educating others to help empower others to optimize their health and live their best life.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Coaching: Individual wellness coaching for optimital health

  • Chronic illness or disease (dis-ease) support, treatment & reversal

  • Gut health and balance

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Hormone and adrenal support including menopause support

  • Nutrition and weight loss coaching

  • "Smart Supplementation" for bio-individuality  

  • Wellness education for groups

  • Whole Foods store tour

  • Customized 1:1 programs

Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions


Phone: 508.941.9555 

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