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Comprehensive testing provides patients with information and knowledge about the function of their body that they typically do not receive from their conventional doctor visits. These tests are performed to get to the root cause of the symptoms or disease.  Many tests are covered by insurance.

In addition to helping resolve health issues, we also have testing to optimize health.


Common functional medicine tests include:

Comprehensive Functional Blood

This test measures provides important information regarding key vitamin and mineral levels, diabetes and metabolic disorders, thryoid, liver & kidney functioning, inflammation and many more areas. 



Vitamin, mineral, antioxidant or fat and protein deficiencies could be underlying your health condition(s). 

Many people waste money on ineffective or unneeded vitamins and supplements.   This test also helps you understand if vitamins and supplements you are taking are working or if even necessary.


Food and Chemical Sensitivity

Food sensitivity testing is a laboratory method that identifies cellular immune reactions to foods, chemicals and other substances. 

Advanced Hormone and Adrenal Gland

Do you have Adrenal Gland Fatigue or Dysfunction?

Do you feel like your hormones are out of whack, but blood tests keep coming back saying you’re ‘normal’?

Are you dragging all day, but then can’t sleep at night?

Comprehensive Stool

Test for the presence of different types of bacteria and yeast in the bowel.

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