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Michelle Cordani, AFM, CYI, CHC

Owner, Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions

Health & Wellness Coach | Workplace Wellness Ambassador

Motivation & Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

Yoga Instructor | Mindfulness Coach

Peach Athleisurewear Executive Director & Stylist


Michelle Cordani is a long time resident of Holliston, MA and a mother of three incredible boys.

After her third son was born with severe food allergies, Michelle became very frustrated about not finding answers or relief for her son from conventional western medicine. 

At the time, Michelle had spent 18 years in a family-owned business as VP of Sales and Purchasing.

She took a leave of absence to help her son, becoming immersed in food education and alternative therapies.  Michelle pursued specialized Integrative Nutrition training and achieved Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ (AFM) certification. 

Pure Intentions Business Philosophy

Michelle is passionate about taking you from where you are on your wellness journey to where you want to be, helping empower you to optimize your health, and live your best life.

Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions was based on the philosophy of bio-individuality, meaning one size does not fit all, and functional medicine, which focuses on treating the root cause of health issues and addressing the body's entire system.  She also believes the mind, body & soul connection is extremely important as research demonstrates this critical connection for healing and optimal health.   

How Michelle & Pure Intentions Helps

Pure Intentions offers a variety of wellness coaching and education services, quality supplements, toxic-free personal care, cosmetic and household products, workplace wellness solutions, and speaking services.

Michelle is also certified in Body Matrix Flow ™ Yoga, which is is a unique and innovative Vinyasa flow-based yoga class.  Through a fusion of fitness principles, this class incorporates stretching and mindful intention while linking movement to breath.  The class is ideal for beginner or intermediate levels including those needing modifications.  Yoga Class Schedule

Get Start Your Wellness Journey


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