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Peach Athleisure Clothing Client

I hosted a Peach party with Michelle as my Peach consultant. She was so easy to work with. Her passion for the Peach clothing line is infectious. She made everyone at the party feel so comfortable and she knows her product well.  I had some size and color issues with my order and Michelle made the exchange process so easy. 

I just made a second order with confidence!  Love Michelle and the Peach products.

  Pat Kuehne

Pure Intentions Client

Michelle has given me an invaluable education on eating right by using whole foods. She has created recipes using only whole foods that taste absolutely delicious. Michelle also realizes that change is a slow process and is always willing to motivate her clients towards making better nutritional choices.

  Helen O'Neill

Network of Enterprising Women

"Michelle is very knowledgable about nutrition and health.  She uses her expertise daily with her own family and has a real passion to share what she knows with others.  MIchelle truly wants to help everone improve their  health and well-being.

Jen Vonderbrink

Pure Wellness Client

I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle as the Program Coordinator for the Network of Enterprising Women. Recently I had the pleasure of seeiing Michelle in action with her business, Pure Intentions. Michelle's passion and commitment to making the world healthier one person at a time is evident.  She confidently and knowledgeably shares enlightening information on everyday foods we consume.  Using real examples and products, makes the presentation come alive. Everyone in the room can relate to at least one category she talks about (if not more!).  

Michelle goes above and beyond to ensure people truly experience what she's sharing. 

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to become healther through the foods they eat.

I am thrilled to have met such a valuable resource.


Yoga Class Attendee

What do I look forward to all week?

Saturday mornings when I know I have a yoga class with Michelle.  She makes it easy for us to modify a move we can’t do – and to listen to our bodies.  I have back and hip issues, and sometimes I have to take it easier.  Other days, I am amazed at how much looser I feel.  I always leave feeling renewed.


Yoga Class Attendee

 Michelle is an excellent instructor who takes the time to help her students master their poses and make any necessary adjustments to help her students to prevent injuries.  Since I’ve been practicing, I am much stronger and have much greater range of motion.  Michelle is also very knowledgeable in a variety of other modalities – dietary supplement, food allergies, pain management and management of many other ailments.

  Barbara and Jeff Hickson, 

Formerly YOUnity Yoga & Wellness

Michelle Cordani instructed yoga and nutrition classes at our wellness center in Milford, MA. She was an outstanding instructor who is very passionate about her students/clients well being and success. Always professional, knowledgeable, nurturing and on time. That is why her clients always came back.

I would highly recommend Michelle.

Audra Murray, Owner,

 Get In Shape For Women

Michelle taught yoga at my studio for over a year. When we added the class to our studio, we were looking for a professional, reliable instructor who could provide a consistent weekly experience for

our members.   Michelle delivered well above our expectations, and her yoga class was the most popular group class we offered.

Highly recommend her!

Angel M. Johnson


Michelle is extraordinary  She is a great friend, a remarkable person, a yoga master and integrative medicine expert.   

She is an invaluable resource for my medical practice and I regularly send her patients without hesitation. As an active member in her community Michelle regularly spends her time advocating for the betterment of society and the advancement of women in particular. I've worked with Michelle in a myriad of events ranging from a Metrowest conference for Woman to a community health health fair.   Michelle does not hesitate to lend a helping hand and to

address the needs of the whole individual.

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