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Michelle is passionate about educating people to help optimize holistic wellness and empower others to live their best life.

Michelle is a popular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.  In 2019, she was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Metrowest Conference for Women and she was asked to return in 2020 as a panelist speaker.  Michelle has spoken at various other events and she has appeared as a guest speaker on local radio shows. 


As a Workplace Wellness Ambassador, Michelle also consults with businesses to provide tools which increase productivity,

lessen the number of sick days taken by employees, and decrease healthcare costs and insurance rates.

A variety of standard topics are available as a workshop, keynote speaking, or small group discussion.

Custom content can be created to help educate your audience and meet event needs.

Sample Workshop & Keynote Topics *Available via Zoom

  • Cleanse Your Body: Removing Toxic Build Up In Your Body

  • Energetic of Foods: How Food Affects The Way We Feel

  • Food Allergy vs. Sensitivity: What’s The Difference?

  • Food Sensitivity: What Is a Food Sensitivity? 

  • Gluten Free Lifestyle: Why Go Gluten Free?

  • Healing Autoimmune Diseases With Functional Medicine

  • Healthy And Fun Eating (with recipes)

  • Immune System Support: Boost Your Immune System And Support Gut Health

  • Integrative Medicine vs Traditional Medicine Basics

  • Label Reading 101: Making Sense Of The Foods We Eat

  • Mindfulness​: What Is It And How It Reduces Stress

  • Mindfulness: Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief

  • Organic Eating: The Ins And Outs

  • Plant-based Lifestyle: A Beginner's Guide

  • Sugar and Your Body: Permanently Change Your Relationship With Sugar

  • "Smart Supplementation" For Bio-Individuality

  • Transform Your Relationship With Food

  • Treating Lyme Disease: A Functional Medicine Approach

  • Women's Hormone Health: Thyroid, Adrenals & Estrogen

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