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Pure Intentions is pleased to offer you direct access to high quality nutritional supplements and toxin-free personal care and household products with shipping directly to your home.

Why Nutritional Supplements?

The right nutrition can make all the difference.  Most people are not getting enough essential nutrients through their food intake, so nutritional supplements are often needed to support optimal health and body performance.  

When choosing supplements, it is important to keep in mind:

  • Not all supplements are created equal.  Many over the counter supplements contain fillers, which can be harmful especially to those with food allergies and sensitivities

  • The form and the dosage of the supplement matter as to whether it will be effective or potentially harmful

  • Supplement labels can give some guidance on suggested correct dosage however what each individual person needs and responds to can vastly differ based on many factors

  • Some supplements may interact with prescription and over-the-counter medicines


LifeWave X39®  -  Activate Your Stem Cells

As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to support wellness and health. This would boost vitality in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.  Check out this video: How LifeWave Patches Work

LifeWave X39® provides the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by 20 years of development, LifeWave X39® patches have been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits.

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