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Join an inspiring community!  Become a Peach Stylist

  • Flexibility to work on your own terms. work anywhere, anytime

  • Meaningful income

  • An empowering community of women

  • Promotional marketing materials & youur own website

  • Access to professional and personal workshops

  • 40% discount on your initial samples


1. Start With Samples 

Our Stylist Kit contains all of the necessary business tools you'll need, plus $200 to spend on samples!

2. Book Gatherings and Outreach

Sell in person through gatherings, parties and pop-up events, as well as social media, texts and emails.

3. Grow Your Business Through Training & Tools

We're in this together, so we provide the training, tools and support that help you reach your goals.




Why I Became a Peach Stylist


I love telling people about Peach and how Peach came into my life. It turns out Peach is what I really needed and wanted.  I just didn't realize it at that point. 


Since becoming involved with Peach, I've grown personally and professionally.  

Peach easily fit into my existing wellness business, which is focused on empowering and helping others be their best and thrive holistically - just like Peach!


My story...Peach came into my life during a very difficult time and someone special helped lead the way. Three signs sealed the deal. Click The Inside Look to hear more.


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