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Join an inspiring community! Become a Peach Stylist.

Earn meaningful Income.  Work anywhere, anytime. 

Do you love fashion? Have a passion for fitness? Love helping other women?

Or have you just dreamed of being your own boss?

Whether you're looking to pay for family extras like vacations or you're interested in going all-in and making more serious cash, being a Peach stylist allows you to earn meaningful income, on your terms, anywhere, anytime

Peach's exclusive collections are sold through a national network of stylists.  Peach was founded on a culture of caring and positivity, embodied in our mission to be a force for good to help women thrive personally and professionally. We activate our mission by providing women like you the opportunity to launch your own fashion business.

Contact Michelle to become a stylist.



Our Stylist Kit contains all of the necessary business tools you'll need,

plus $200 to spend on samples!


Sell in person through gatherings, parties and pop-up events, as well as social media, texts and emails.


We're in this together, so we provide the training, tools and support

that help you reach your goals.

Click the video to hear  about Peach's mission & how Peach is helping  woman thrive

Why I Became a Stylist

Michelle Cordani

I heard of Peach Athleisure Clothing at a difficult time in my life, and at a time I wanted to expand my existing functional  medicine, motivational coaching

& yoga business in some way.   When I heard Peach's mission, it made my hair stand up on end. 


All the things the Peach brand seemed to be about what was what I really needed and wanted in my life...

I knew I need to be with women...

I need to laugh again...continue to empower them!

It has been so rewarding and heart warming to watch busy women give themselves permission to take a time out, tap into their inner child, play dress up

and laugh!