Michelle is passionate about coaching and educating others on a variety of wellness topics to help optimize health and empower others to live their best life.

In 2019, Michelle was a keynote speaker at the Metrowest Conference for Women and was asked to return in 2020 as a panelist speaker. She has spoken at other workshops on a variety of topic as well as appeared as a guest speaker on local radio shows. Michelle consults with corporate businesses to provide tools to increase productivity, decrease insurance rates, and lessen the number of sick days taken every year. 

A variety of standard topics are available as an event keynote, workshop or small group discussion.

Or, custom content can be created to help educate your audience and meet event needs.

Sample Workshop & Keynote Topics:

  • Cleanse Your Body: Removing Toxic Build Up In Your Body

  • Energetic of Foods: How Food Affects The Way We Feel

  • Food Allergy vs. Sensitivity: What’s The Difference?

  • Food Sensitivity: What Is a Food Sensitivity? 

  • Gluten Free Lifestyle: Why Go Gluten Free?

  • Healing Autoimmune Diseases With Functional Medicine

  • Healthy And Fun Eating (with recipes)

  • Immune System Support: Boost Your Immune System And Support Gut Health

  • Integrative Medicine vs Traditional Medicine Basics

  • Label Reading 101: Making Sense Of The Foods We Eat

  • Mindfulness​: What Is It And How It Reduces Stress

  • Mindfulness: Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief

  • Organic Eating: The Ins And Outs

  • Plant-based Lifestyle: A Beginner's Guide

  • Sugar and Your Body: Permanently Change Your Relationship With Sugar

  • "Smart Supplementation" For Bio-Individuality

  • Transform Your Relationship With Food

  • Treating Lyme Disease: A Functional Medicine Approach

  • Women's Hormone Health: Thyroid, Adrenals & Estrogen

Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions

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