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Michelle Cordani, AFM, CYI, CHC

Pure Intentions Wellness Solutions

  • Board Certified Integrative Holistic Nutritionist

  • Applied Functional Medicine Certified

  • Specializes in Nutrition and Disease Support & Prevention

  • Body Matrix Vinyasa Therapeutic Yoga Certified

  • Peach Athleisure Clothing Executive Director & Stylist

Michelle Cordani is a mother of 3 incredible boys. After her third son was born with severe food allergies, Michelle, not finding answers or relief from conventional western medicine became immersed in food education and alternative therapies. At the time, she had spent 18 years in a family-owned business working as VP of sales and purchasing and needed to take a leave of absence to help her son. Her research and passion to heal her son, as well as to help others, led her pursue specialized Integrative Nutrition and Applied Functional Medicine certification and launch Pure Intentions.

Michelle's philosophy is based on bio-individuality, meaning one size does not fit all, as well as functional medicine, which focuses on treating the root cause of health issues and addresses the body's entire system.  She believes the mind, body & soul connection is extremely important as research demonstrates the mind, body and soul is critical in health and healing.  True health means that you are healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

In addition to offering a variety of wellness education, coaching and quality wellness products, Michelle is Body Matrix Vinyasa Therapeutic Yoga Certified, offering several  yoga classes weekly to promote physical wellness and mindfulness.


Recently Michelle has expanded her focus and now offers Peach athleisure clothing, as she believes clothes have the power to transform someone's outlook and approach to life.  Peach's mission is about helping empower women to thrive personally and professionally. Getting involved with the Peach organization and offering Peach clothing is a natural extension to the Pure Intentions offerings and how she helps others be their personal best.

Michelle is passionate about taking you from where you are to where you want to be and helping empower you to optimize your health and live your best life.  Contact Michelle to start your journey to your best life.